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Invest Wisely. Win Quickly.

Live Webinar 21/04/21


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Invest Wisely. 

Win Quickly.

Looking for a new HR System, but put off by the cost of Tier 1 solutions? With RunPrimeNow, that doesn't need to be the case.

RunPrimeNow is a package offering that is enabling organisations of all sizes to get started with SAP SuccessFactors and reap the benefits of the market-leading Human Experience Management (HXM) technology while minimising the time and cost of implementation.

Given the current climate, large upfront investments are becoming less feasible for organisations, yet the need to invest in HR technology has arguably never been more important.

Join this Solution Showcase webinar to learn how you can “Win Quickly” with SAP SuccessFactors and transform your employee experience in as little as 8 weeks.




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Webinar Overview

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Why SAP SuccessFactors and RunPrimeNow?

  • An introduction to Human Experience Management

  • Why organisations like you are starting their HR Transformation

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Solution Showcase

  • Transform your approach to HR

  • Create ongoing, dynamic, and personalised experiences that focus on the needs of your employees

  • Hire to Retire Solution Capabilities

  • Reporting - gain insights into your workforce to enable Data-Driven-Decision making


How to Get Started! 

  • Use Cases and Customer Examples

  • Cost & Time to Implement

  • Cost of Ownership

Live Q&A

  • Ask your questions to our experts

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