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Senior Executive Accountability Regime

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HR & Compliance

Are You Ready?

With the introduction of SEAR set to change the compliance landscape for organisations regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, the need for incorporating Conduct Regulation into your wider HR and Digital Strategy has never been more important.


Catch up on our latest webinar, "SEAR is coming - HR & Compliance are you ready?" to hear from Digital Transformation experts, Beta Digital, Veritas Prime and SAP about what SEAR means for your business, what can be learnt from SM&CR in the UK, how you can best prepare and leverage SAP SuccessFactors to be compliant. 



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Webinar Overview

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Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR)

  • An introduction to SEAR

  • How it will impact your organisation

  • What is going to change

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Senior Manager and Certification Regime (SM&CR)

  • Why is SM&CR relevant and what we can be learnt from the UK's parallel regulation

  • The history of SM&CR and its introduction by the FCA

  • Why this is a problem for both HR & Compliance


SAP SuccessFactors - How It Can Help

  • How SAP SuccessFactors is enabling both HR and Compliance to be compliant with Financial Services Regulations

  • Solution Capability Overview

  • Key Functionality SM&CR demonstration

Live Q&A

  • Get in touch if any of your questions were not answered

Lets Chat!

  • Schedule a time via the live chat to speak with our Client Engagement team about how you can get started with the market-leading HR solution, SAP SuccessFactors.

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