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Veritas Prime’s payroll services provide customers peace of mind for one of the most business-critical processes. We help ensure that your payroll is accurate, compliant, stress-free and enhances the overall employee experience.


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From Health Checks to Phase Zero's, our payroll team is here to guide you on optimally setting up and delivering the best payroll experience for your employees.

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Implementation/ Transformations

We help transform your business and employee experience- we offer services for our global customers as well, through the delivery of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll.

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Next-Gen Payroll Support

As a trusted partner, we offer Next-Generation Business Process Outsourcing and a variety of other support models for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll customers. This is to help ensure your payroll is accurate, compliant and stress-free.

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Earned-Wage Access

Provide your employees with on-demand access to a percentage of their wages. We support ad-hoc and emergency situations, where people require early access to wages.

Hear from our team

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Is the role of the traditional Payroll manager dead?

Is the role of the traditional Payroll manager dead? We ask this question as technology is moving faster than ever in all walks of life, and Payroll is no exception. From fully integrated HRIS / Payroll platforms, that capture and validate all data at source to automated data quality checking to the advent of AI answering basic employee queries – what does this mean for Payroll Managers in the industry? What are the skills and behaviours that Payroll managers need to be thinking about how to prepare themselves for this new reality?


Register for the recording of this session to hear our panel explore some of the key questions surrounding this topic. 

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